Our Business

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance is a close watch kept over someone or something. Here at Koel Tech that is what we do precisely. Simply put we surveil. Our manufactures, using the latest advancements in technology, keep coming out with new cameras to add to our already extensive selection. These cameras will continue to monitor over the places or people you want while they also have the ability to record and keep that data.
    Whether you use a box or bullet camera, a dome or a ptz, or something else to your liking, we will provide it. We know that you first need surveillance in order to be safe and secure.

  • Security

    Security is things done to make people or places safe. Koel Tech's products play an important role in the safety and happiness of the people who not only use our products but the countless others who will be affected by it. Our products make all facets of life safer from leaving your house, driving on the streets, going to work and back home again. And anything else you can think of. We will be working 24/7/365 to keep up with the world we live in. By providing the best and the newest of the highest resolution, performance, and dependable security products on the market.
    We are determined to become a leader and an innovator as a security solutions provider. We will also be feverishly conducting non-stop research and development.