About KOEL

New Technology
and Application

We believe there has never been a more important time in this world then right now, when feeling secure and safe has been more needed. That's why Koel Technology and it's services knew it was time.

Koel Technology has been quickly making it‘s presence felt in the world of security and surveillance. We are a Korean based CCTV manufacturing company that provides comprehensive integrated security management solutions and services. We offer a wide range of high quality security systems that are installed in locations all around the world.

We believe in our company and our products, but we know business is built on relationships, so maintaining these relationships and our clients confidence is Koel Tech's driving force and it is essential for our long term success. We pride ourselves in this fact.

We are striving to become a leader in this global market. And we understand the value of a company lies in maintaining a sustainable growth and increasing customer value in this ever-changing business environment while at the same time making our society a safer place.

KOEL Technology CEO Jake Kim